Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Fred arrived like an hour after I had arrived. He looked so wasted. His laptop bag hang loose on his shoulder. He had already removed his tie. His shirt was unbuttoned to the second hole. 

"Hellos." He said while walking past us to the bedroom. 

I placed Chloe on the floor so that she could continue playing with the toys while I went to check on him.

"Hey, are you okay?" I asked standing on the doorway.

"I'm so tired." He replied lifting his left leg then removed his socks.

"Sorry about that." 


"We were about to eat. Can I serve you as well?"

"No, I think I will take a shower first. Ill eat thereafter."

"Okay. We will be in the living room."

I walked back to find Chloe trying to eat her foot. Time for food! I warmed her food and went back to feed her. She ate her food well and in a few minutes, she was done. I served myself then we watched TV together. Today, we were watching Courage the Cowardly Dog cartoon.

Fred joined us wearing a white t-shirt and black boxers. He had warmed his food already. 

"Please give me the remote." He asked.

I passed him the remote and he changed the channel to a news station. Immediately, Chloe started to cry. 

"Daddy, daddy. I want Courage." Chloe started crying. Tears were streaming down her face.

Fred looked at me then changed the channel back to cartoon network. Chloe stopped crying and sat down on the carpet to continue watching it.

I laughed.

"So how was your day?" He asked.

"It was good. Busy but okay." 

"I decided to take on some other part time jobs but it is really weighing me down." Fred started.

"Since when?"


"So what were you to do?"

"I thought I should do some maintenance and consultancy work. When I spread word around, I got lots of work but crazy deadlines. I do not know how I will manage."

"Maybe you should only take one job first until you finish before you start another."

"Good idea but I already have some pending work. I was to check three laptops for my pals."

"Just try to clear it then start small." I assured him. "Just be careful that this should not distract you from your main job. It will cost you a lot."


After he was done, we washed the utensils and called it a night. 

Thursday, October 13, 2016


I got down to my work as soon as I sat down. I was to conduct a staff recruitment process for the Accounting department as they needed two accounting assistants. After checking the exact descriptions needed, I sent the advert to few employment agencies.

I had a meeting at ten o'clock with the managers thereafter I was to finish my reports which were due today. Work got so busy that I even forgot to go for lunch. I only realized I was hungry at around 2.15pm. I quickly dashed to the restaurant nearby and had a quick lunch.

Back to the office, my email was all full. I had almost ten resumes from different applicants regarding the job. That was fast! I looked at each of them and noticed that they were all qualified for the position. I rang Mrs. Wright and gave her the update.

"I did not expect that much response especially on the first day." I said.

"So what do you think we should do?" She asked.

"I had put the deadline as two days after today."

"Then just go through the applications we have received then do the selection. I think it will be easier for you in the end." She said.

"Yes, that would be easier."

"Then we can start the interviews either on Friday or early next week. The department really needs people urgently."

"I'll do that."

"Please keep me in the loop on the interview date. You also have to inform George of the date as he will also be present." 

I walked back to my desk and started critically looking at the CVs. Since they were many, I figured I can eliminate first those with grammatical errors, the spacing and formatting. I came to a conclusion that most candidates do not take time to read what they before sending. One had done everything so perfectly but had not indicated her phone number. How was one supposed to contact her? The other one had not formatted his work well. One had sent his resume without the cover letter!

At the end of the day, I drove back to the house. I was tired. Chloe and the nanny were sitted at the balcony looking over the street. She smiled when she saw me and ran to me. I gave her a hug and went to the house. They followed me inside.

"How have you been?" I asked.

"We have been okay. Chloe ate her food well but has not finished the fruits." The nanny started. "She is picky in eating water melons."

"What about other fruits?"

"She still loves pineapples and bananas."

"Okay. We will not force the melons on her." I said. "Did she drink water?"

"Yes she did."

Chloe walked in from of us and picked my phone. She went to the games sections and opened it. As she was busy playing, I could not help but be thankful for how far she had come.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Someone please explain to me. Do kids sense when their parents are having sex? Or are they just jealous? As soon as we got down to business of satisfying each other, Chloe let out a cry. This could not be happening. When I was almost about to reach the seventh heaven, there goes the disruption!

Fred was surprised at first but he continued with what we were doing. Chloe at the background screaming her heart out while we were busy finishing up the last few seconds to climax. As we continued, the thrusting become more harder and a bit rough, but Chloe would not shut up. My mummy instincts was not settled but I wanted to get over this. So I started swaying my hips to the rhythmic movement of Fred on top and together, we managed to finally breath. We did it. The gash of his warmth spread inside me mixing with my own fluids.

I got out of bed quickly leaving Fred still frail and went to pick up Chloe. As I picked her up, she started smiling. What the heck? Was she not the one who was screaming her lungs out? Now there she was looking at me mischievously as if she knew what were were up-to.  

I went back to the bedroom and put her next to her dad who by then had at least covered himself up. 

"Ill be back." I said as I walked to the shower.

"No. Please don't leave her with me. I need to rest." Fred shouted.

"And I need to go to work." I replied as I turned on the shower.

After I prepared myself, I picked my phone to try and call the nanny but I got a message.

                         "Please open the door."

I tiptoed to the main door and opened the locks. She was standing right outside the door carrying a brown bag.

"I am so sorry. I was in the shower." I started apologizing.

"It's okay. I have not been here for long." She assured me.

"Please come in." 

She removed her shoes and sat on the couch. 

"I think I need to apologize. I left you without any notice." She started.

"What was wrong?" I asked.

"I got a call from home. My mum was rushed to the hospital after a neighbor found her unconscious on her front pouch. I went to check on her."

"Oh my, is she okay?" I asked.

"Yes she is. Her blood sugar had gone way too low as she had not taken her medicine. She has Diabetes Type 1."

"I'm so sorry."

Thank you. She was checked and even released to go home. She has to take her medicines though as advised by the Doctor."

"So who is looking after her?" 

"My elder sister. She was a bit free and took time off to be with her for a couple of days." She replied.

"Fantastic." I responded. "I would love to chat more but I have to dash to the office. Fred is around though. Please prepare his breakfast before he leaves then look after Chloe. She is already up."

"Yes I will."

"Oh, we bought more cereals for her. You can also give her some bananas that I have left on top of the kitchen counter."

"Alright. See you in the evening." 


Thursday, September 29, 2016

Morning Dose

I woke up from a short nap that I took. As I tried to wake myself up, my thighs felt sticky! Then I remembered that I had not wiped myself after the love making. I really hated this part. Why does something so beautiful end up being so disgusting! Slowly, I walked to the bathroom and took a shower. 

Fred was still sleeping, naked, with his left leg twisted across his other leg. I took the bed spread and covered him. I dressed into my night gown again and went to check on Chloe. She was still sleeping peacefully on her bed. I switched off the lights and went to the living room. The TV was still on. I went through the stations and landed on The Talk show. I watched the show and after it ended, I left for bed.

In the morning, I woke up and prepared breakfast for the family. I cooked pancakes which would be taken with white coffee. Chloe will have her cereals as usual. As I was almost finishing up, my phone buzzed. My nanny was calling.

"Good morning." I answered.

"Good morning."

"How are you?" I asked getting concerned.

"I'm well. Thank you. I wanted to inform you that I will be coming to work today."

"Oh, that's great. The usual time?"

"Yes. Ill be there." She replied laughing.

"Okay, ill be in the house. It will be good to catch up too."

I ended the call and poured myself a cup of coffee. As I was checking my Facebook page on my phone, Fred walked into the kitchen in his briefs. He yawned and stretched. He walked towards me and gave me a kiss. 

"Morning." He said.

"Good morning." I responded and stretched my hands to get him a cup.

Instead, he held my hand and turned me around.

"Why are you so bored?" He asked.

"Really? I am not bored." I replied.

"Or the kiss was not enough?" He asked then proceeded to give me another one. I smiled and kissed him again.

"What time did you wake up?" He asked scratching his jet black hair.

"Like an hour ago." I responded. "I had to make you breakfast."

He laughed. "Is the nanny coming in today?"

"She has just called actually. She will be here at her usual time."

"So does that mean we have little more time to get cozy?"


"Yes. Come I show you."

I placed my cup of coffee on the marble top and followed him to the bedroom. He pushed me to the bed and started kissing me. I was confused. So getting cozy was having his morning glory session? Okay then! I pushed him off me then rose to be on top of him. He looked at me smiling because this was his favorite style. As we continued with the kissing, he pushed my gown off my body and the thrusting began.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


"Do you know I only have five weeks to go?" Ann said pointing to her bulging tummy.

"No way!" I shouted.

"How come? The days have gone so fast?" I asked laughing at myself.

"I am glad I'm almost due. I wasn't sure that I would be able to carry it all along."

"But at least you had a smooth pregnancy."

"Yes I did. I thank God for that." She said rubbing her belly.

The boys shouted suddenly. We looked at them only to realize that they were celebrating a goal!

"So where were you guys from at this hour?" Ann asked looking at the wrist watch.

"We went to the park earlier then passed by the market." I replied.

"How was it?" She asked. "It has been a while since I last visited the park."

"I love it. It is still the most serene place as it was."

"That's nice. Let me grab something small for you guys." She said going to the kitchen.

She came back with a tray. It had four glasses of fresh juice and some crisps on a side plate. She served us then went back to the kitchen only to emerge a second later with food for her baby. As we enjoyed the snacks, she was busy multitasking between feeding the baby and eating herself.

When the match ended, Fred suggested that we should head home. I was tired. We said our goodbyes then left towards our home. Chloe was already asleep. I knew she would wake up after a few hours as she slept hungry. As soon as we were in the house, I took her to bed. I removed the extra clothes she had and left her with the diaper, socks and t-shirt. I went to the kitchen and prepared her food. I kept it ready for her.

I took a shower then joined Fred in bed. He smiled as he saw me changing to the night gown. 

"Maybe you should sleep naked tonight." He said laughing.

"I would but you are dressed up." I said pointing to his dark blue briefs.

"No problem, I will remove them." He replied and stood up. He then removed it exposing his manhood on his naked body. He was so ready to make his move.

He walked closer to me and held me by my waist. He then lowered me to the bed and started caressing me. His kisses were warm and moist. His lips moved all over my body making me anticipate for more. The more he did it, the more I moaned with pleasure. Finally, he spread my legs apart, lowered himself to me and pushed his manhood into my wet opening. His breathing is heavy. Together, our bodies moved up and down at every thrust. I held his shoulders as the rhythm increased. The intense pleasure is intense in every second. My body tingled. He pushed further and further until we both gasped! He let out a sudden cry then held himself tight. I felt his warmth spreading inside me.  

Friday, September 9, 2016


Fred and Chloe were busy taking pictures of themselves. I decided to call the Nanny and see if everything was okay. Her phone rang but she did not pick. I tried again. It was not answered. I decided to send her a text informing her that we were worried about her and she should call back as soon as possible.

We left the park after about five hours and we went to the market. It was already dark. It was almost seven o'clock. We purchased chicken, spices and other bathroom items that we needed. I bought myself a bottle of Martini Rosso. Fred gave me a side look, smiled and he went ahead and bought himself a bottle of Smirnoff Vodka.

Our drive back home was interrupted when Fred took a detour to Mike and Ann's house. I was a bit surprised on the new developments but I was okay with it.

Ann and Mike were talking to each other at their front balcony. They were standing facing each other but Ann had her hands on her waist. It looked like they were having a disagreement. This awkward. I wanted to tell Fred we walk back to the car and head home but nope. He was not having it.

Since I also did not want an argument, I followed him carrying my pretty baby on my left side. She was looking upwards following the beautiful ceiling decorations that dotted the apartment. Mike saw us first and he smiled. Definitely he was happy that we came just at the right time. Ann did not even smile. Too bad.

We hugged them all and they ushered us to the house. Their kid was playing on the carpet with the nanny watching over him. As soon as we sat down, they moved to the other room. 

"This is a pleasant surprise." Mike asked changing the channel to one of the Super Sport channels. It was showing highlights of the previous football game.

"I thought we should come say hi since it has been a while since we last saw each other. I'm sorry for not calling earlier." Fred answered.

"It's okay. You are welcome anytime." Ann replied handing us a glass if juice.

Chloe started fussing around so I let her sit on the carpet. Immediately, she started walking towards the toys that were left lying around.

I followed Ann to the kitchen.

"Do you need any help?" I asked.

"No, everything is sorted. The nanny offered to cook for us today" She replied pointing to a pan of rice boiling over on medium heat on the cooker. It smelt fantastic.

"Are you guys okay?" I asked.

"Yes. We are just arguing financial duties around the house. I'm sure we will solve it." She replied.

"Yea, just give yourself time to talk."

We walked back to the living room and found the boys concentrating on the game. We looked at each other and decided it was time to give each other the 411.

Thursday, September 1, 2016


I took some bananas, sliced them into thin slices then put them in the freezer for sometime. Then I prepared fresh fruit juice and bottled it for Chloe. Together with some snacks and wine, I placed them in the picnic basket and off we went to the park.

The park was located around thirty minutes from the house. It is a large area occupying the northern part of the town. It also had a man made dam, kid's play area, running track and it also offered a meeting area. We parked the car at the car park, then walked around the park slowly. Fred was carrying the picnic basket while I was holding Chloe by her left arm as she was also walking. We then settled at the eastern side of the park. I spread the rug on the grass and we sat on it. Chloe was hopping around us with her ball.

"This is beautiful." I commented looking at the beautiful landscape of the city.

"Yes it is." Fred added. "You know, I used to come here often while we were young."

"I did too. We had lots of fun."

Chloe kicked the ball and it landed on Fred's legs. She laughed and picked it up. 

"I need your advice." Fred started.

"On what?" I asked.

"Since I got employed, I have not received my confirmation letter from the company."

"I thought you had signed your contract when you started. Which other letter are you talking about?"

"When I started, I was to work for three months then get a confirmation from the company on my performance. This letter would confirm me as a permanent employee. But now, five months later and I have not received it." 

"This is strange. Have you talked to the HR?" I asked.

"Yes I did but it was a while ago." He replied scratching his head.

"You should go back. Ask about your performance. If it is in line with the company's standard, you should be given the letter."

"Okay, Ill do that." He said.

"Would you like some wine?" I asked opening he picnic basket.

"Yes please. Is it chilled?" He asked.

"It was when we left the house. I hope it is still cold." 

I served us some wine on the plastic tumblers. We made  toast and took a sip. Chloe noticed and stretched her hand to us. 

"Give juice." She said.

I smiled. She has never differentiated between her juice and wine. I took out her juice and poured some to her sippy cup and gave it to her. She sat down and down it all in one gulp!

"Would you like some more?" I asked.

She nodded. I gave her another serving.

"Why is she drinking like that?" Fred asked looking concerned.

"Its pretty hot and she has been playing. She is thirsty." I replied.